Expansion of Chu Lai Open Economic Zone


(QNO) – The Chu Lai Open Economic Zone (OEZ) is considered important to the industrial development strategies in Quang Nam, where the priority is given to supporting and hi-tech industries.

Accordingly, a hi-tech industrial park has been approved to be built in Thang Binh district based on the general planning of the Chu Lai OEZ under Vietnamese Prime Minister’s Decision No. 1737 dated December 13, 2018.

The first phase of its construction will be implemented in a large area of Binh Tu, Binh Trung, and Binh Sa communes.

In the second phase of its construction, the project will be expanded to the north and the west. The entire infrastructure will be synchronised so as to facilitate its expansion in the future.

Earlier, an online working session was jointly held by the Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee and Thaco (Truong Hai Auto Corporation) with the participation of enterprises from Quang Nam and Ho Chi Minh city.

The meeting focused on the cooperation and development of mechanical engineering and supporting industries.

According to Quang Nam leaders, Thaco is the pioneer in Vietnam’s automotive industry development.

The corporation is gradually forming a multi-purpose mechanical industry in Chu Lai – Quang Nam.

Quang Nam will make an effort to bring local enterprises together for the development of mechanical engineering and automotive industries in the province.

It is hoped that the Chu Lai industrial centre will become globally well-known.

Source: http://quangnamnews.vn/economics/expansion-of-chu-lai-open-economic-zone-119374.html

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